Assets Prestige Alliance offers a wide array of financial services for children, young adults and families.
Ultimately, our aim is to tirelessly protect the interests of all our clients.
To learn about what financial services are available, please feel free to contact us.


Systematic insurance savings plans are available to help you reach your financial goals in life. 


Financial protection is an essential part of our lives as life expectancy rises. It is even more important to protect yourself and those who matter to you the most.


Investment linked plans available are designed to help you grow your wealth.


Statistics have shown that Singaporeans have significantly neglected on their retirement planning, with two out of three retirees realising that they do not have sufficient savings to last a lifetime according to a survey done by Nielson. (Source: .There are plans available to help you achieve your retirement goals.


Medical protection plans provide a peace of mind for your medical needs. Having medical coverage is essential in this day and age.


Your employees are your organisation’s greatest assets. Apart from providing them income stability and career growth, you would also want to ensure their protection needs are covered for by your organisation. There is a range of insurance plans for your valuable employees against life uncertainties.

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